ICAHM Annual Meeting, 2-5 May 2016, Salalah, Oman

ICAHM is very pleased to have been able organize this Annual Conference on Archaeological Park as World Heritage Site – Management Strategy for the Future in Oman.

This conference, that took place 2-5 May 2016, capitalized on the work that was done at the International Conference on Archaeological Parks and Sites held in Salalah in 2015. Salalah was once a major node in the frankincense trade, and stands close to the Land of Frankincense World Heritage Site. This large, dispersed property highlighted the central theme of the 2015 conference – managing archaeological sites as parks and the tension between protecting integrity and public access.

This meeting could not have taken place without the invaluable assistance from ICOMOS-Oman and the Office of Adviser to HM the Sultan for Cultural affairs, who provided crucial help in co-organizing this meeting with us. We could never have done this without their assistance before and also during the meeting. In addition, we are grateful to Prof. Michael Jansen for his work as a member of the organizing as well as the scientific committee.

Although the unstable situation in the region prevented a number of ICAHM members from attending, we ended up with well over 100 participants from East and West that engaged in lively discussions.

The Proceedings will be available soon.

Oman Conference Brochure
Oman Conference Program