ICAHM Membership Application

Members of ICAHM and individuals who wish to join or continue as members should complete the ICAHM Membership form and send via email to Matthew Whincop at with a copy to their ICOMOS National Committee (or where non exists to the ICOMOS International Secretariat).

  • Expert Members of ICAHM shall consist of members selected by each of the National Committees, as well as members of ICOMOS that have demonstrated to the satisfaction of the ICAHM Executive Committee the following: membership in ICOMOS; competency in archaeological heritage management with a reasonable degree of professional experience; sufficient educational training; and, most importantly, willingness to participate in the activities of ICAHM.
  • Associate Members of ICAHM (non-voting) shall consist of members of ICOMOS who wish to build up their interest and expertise in the field of archaeological heritage management.
  • Institutional Members will be sought and defined from case to case by the Executive Committee.

As encouraged by ICOMOS, the ICAHM Executive Committee will establish a network of corresponding members, individuals, and professional institutions engaged in relevant fields of activities but not directly in heritage related activities such that they would qualify for membership in ICOMOS.