2021 ICAHM Annual Meeting – Program

21 June 08.00-10.00h (CET)  
Opening by President ICAHM John Peterson
Welcome on behalf of organizing committee – Leiden University
Theme: Linking Archaeological Heritage to the Sustainable Development Goals
08.10 – 8.25
Introduction to the New ICOMOS Policy Guide
 Ilaria Rosetti
08.25 – 08.40
Towards a People-Centred Approach to Selecting World Heritage Sites
 Cornelius Holtorf
08.40 – 08.50
Moderators: John Peterson and Ian Lilley
10 minutes BREAK
Session 09.00-10.00
Theme: Linking Archaeological Heritage to the Sustainable Development Goals I
Room 1
SDG’s and heritage policies
Simon Makuvaza; Thomas Thondhlana; Henry Chiwaura; Taiwanda Mkwende
Great Zimbabwe World Heritage Site at the Crossroads
Jana Chaudhuri
Integrating Archaeological Heritage Management with sustainable development goals: A Policy Approach in India
Jasper Visser
Archeology and the goal behind the global goals
Richa Mishra; Harshita Mishra
Exploring the potential of conservation of traditional water management systems for climate change adaptation a case of gwalior, m.p. (India)
Moderators: Nicole Franceschini & Ian Lilley
10 minutes break
Carousel; meeting colleagues (5 minutes 5x)
Session 16.00-18.00
Theme: Linking Archaeological Heritage to the Sustainable Development Goals II
16.00 – 17.00
Room 1
Impacts and Socio-economic development
16.00 – 17.00
Room 2
Urbanism 2
Jenna Lavin; Nick Wiltshire; Emmylou Bailey
Challenges and opportunities in the management of impacts from renewable energy development on significant archaeological landscapes in the karoo, South Africa
Nahir M Cantar; Maria Luz Endere; Maria Laura Zulaica; Maria Vanesa Giacomasso
Evaluación de la gestión institucional del patrimonio arqueológico en la ciudad de Olavarría, Argentina: aportes para alcanzar las metas del ODS 11 en la escala local
Elizabeth Paliga
Conservation and Tourism in Ancient Rome: A Study of the Origins of Their Interdependency and Subsequent Co-evolution
Suzanna Kasovska Georgieva
Ohrid, the city of UNESCO: Model for Linking the Archaeological Heritage to Sustainable Development Goals
Sarah Kerr
SDG 13: Heritage as a Catalyst for Climate Action
Aspassia Kouzoupi; Anna-Maria Anagnostopoulou; John Syropoulos; Eirini Skiadaresi; Konstantionos Moraïtis
The Athens-Piraeus Parallel Long Walls Zone: between Infrastructure and Society
Moderators: Nelly Robles Garcia & Andrew Mason
Moderators: Nicole Franceschini & Cees van Rooijen
17.00 – 18.00 (CET)
Plenary Round-table

Moderators: Nelly Robles Garcia and Menno Welling
Panel: Jasper Visser, Ilaria Rosetti, Jenna Lavin, Cornelius Holtorf,               Nicole Franceschini, Andrew Mason
18.00 – 18.30
Virtual Tour live from Museumpark Archeon
Roman ships of Zwammerdam (NL): restoring project within nomination process for World Heritage 
by: Tom Hazenberg (1Arch/Hazenberg Archeologie, Museumaprk Archeon) & Tamar Leene (Dutch Limes Cooperation unit)

DAY 222 June
08.00-10.00 (CET) 
Theme: Inspirational examples of people centered approaches in AHM – session I
Benefits of Participation
Moderators: Monique van den Dries and Annemarie Willems
Introduction Enabling Archaeology by Emily Stammitti & Will Rathouse
Nizar Al Adarbeh; Hussein Khirfan; Jehad Haron
Community-based Enterprises Role in Sustainable Heritage Management and Local Economic Development: An Innovative Model from Jordan
Heleen van Londen; Laura Schneider
Towards an understanding of how value is created in contact with heritage
Ways of empowering
Moderators: Monique van den Dries and Annemarie Willems
Shatha Mubàideen
Heritage conservation and urban development : A supporting management model for the effective incorporation of archaeological sites in the planning process
Nida Nayci
Human-Rights Based Approach in Management of Rural Archaeological Sites:  Analysis on Case-Studies from Turkey
Marike van Aerde; Abdul Ghani Khan
Carvings & Community: Results of the 2021 Karakorum Heritage Project
DAY 222 June 16.00-18.00 (CET)
Theme: Inspirational examples of people centred approaches in AHM – session II
Room 1
Multi-perspective research and management 1

Moderators: Sam Makuvaza and Alicia Castillo Mena
Joseph Sony Jean; Katarina Jacobson; Eduardo Herrera Malatesta
A Network for Collaborative Promotion and Conservation of Archaeological Heritage in the Caribbean
Renzo Duin
New Ethnoarchaeology: an archaeology of engagement
Marcelo Marques Miranda; Jully Acuña Suärez; Ayents
Decolonizing Archaeology and Heritage Management. A Collaborative Approach with the Camëntsá People.
Multi-perspective research and management 2
Moderators: Sam Makuvaza and Alicia Castillo Mena
Maurits Ertsen
Engaging energies: exchange of approaches between domains
Jesper de Raad
Archaeological field survey by volunteers
Sergiu Musteata
An example from the republic of Moldova
Arie den Boer; Lucas C.P.M. Meijs
Conflict archaeology in West Alblasserwaard – Stakeholder analysis, participation and bottom-up initiatives
18.10 – 18.35
Carousel; meeting colleagues (5 minutes 5x)
23 June 08.00-10.00 (CET) 
Theme: Including societal value in archaeological heritage management – session I
Connecting public values to research and design processes
Moderators: Adrian Olivier and Monique van den Dries
Sadie Watson
Maximising opportunities for embedding societal value into archaeology
Hester Dibbits
Emotion networking, heritage wit and more inclusive and participatory archaeological heritage practice
Sjoerd van der Linde
Family Road: Embedding Archaeological Values in the Spatial Design of the Residential Neighbourhood  ‘Oosterdalfsen’
09.00 – 10.00 (CET)
Workshop Emotion Networking
by Hester Dibbits
10.00 – 10.15 (CET)
Culture Caleidoscoop: New publishing project for collaborative knowledge production
by Lorna Cruickshanks and Danielle Carter
23 June 16.00-18.00 (CET)
Theme: Including societal value in archaeological heritage management – session II
Training and skills
Moderators: Adrian Olivier and Cees van Rooijen
Menno Welling
(World) Heritage and Social Agenda’s
Annemarie Willems
Working in the spirit of the Faro Convention
Miyuki Kerkhof, Monique van den Dries
Changing Ridges into Bridges: Closing the Gap between Academia and Social Partners in Heritage Management
Including intangible heritage
Moderators: Adrian Olivier and Cees van Rooijen
Abdelkader Ababneh
Heritage interpretation and the management of heritage resources in Jordan: the primacy of the physical object in the interpretive process
Magda Minguzzi
A research project of cultural re appropriation of the pre-colonial fish traps along the coast of the Eastern Cape (South Africa)- in co-authorship with the First Indigenous Peoples of Southern Africa, the KhoiSan.
Caitlin Allen
“I don’t know what that is but I love that it’s there” The Contribution of In Situ Archaeological Conservation to Contemporary Urban Communities
24 June 08.00-10.00 (CET) 
Theme: Inclusivity and participation in relation to archaeological World Heritage sites: Opportunities for the future? – session I
Connecting and engaging
Moderators: Matthew Whincop and Annemarie Willems
Maya Hmeidan; Assaad Seif
Re-Establishing the Broken Links: Tyre World Heritage Site
Eleni Georgaki
Maritime archaeology heritage: broad dissemination and the role of modern technologies towards sustainable development; the case of an emerging e-platform in Greece.
Including communities in WH nominations
Moderators: Matthew Whincop and Annemarie Willems
Anita Smith
Community and academic collaboration in the development of a World Heritage nomination for Mangyol Village – a Landscape of ‘Stone Money’ on the Island of Yap, Micronesia
Monique van den Dries, Stefan Tibboel
Social responsibility’ revisited in World Heritage nominations
Argyri Platsa
Is the introduction of management plans for the Greek  World heritage Sites  a participatory process?
10.10 -10.30 (CET) 
Virtual Tour live from Roman Visitor Center NIGRVM PVLLVM, Zwammerdam
NIGRVM PVLLVM: Roman ships of Zwammerdam (NL) contributing to societal goals 
by Tom Hazenberg (1Arch/Hazenberg Archeologie), Leen van Zwieten (Ipse de Bruggen) & Bart Werink (student Saxion College)
24 June 16.00-18.00 (CET)Theme: Inclusivity and participation in relation to archaeological World Heritage sites: Opportunities for the future? – session II
Disability and  Accessibility
Moderators: Menno Welling and Cees van Rooijen
Cynthia Dunning Thierstein; Camille Aeschimann
Inclusivity and access for all. Analysis of universal design on World Heritage sites
Sherif Abdel Moniem
Disabled Accessibility at archaeological sites in Luxor
Tom Hazenberg & Camila Michelini
Making of the National Roman Maritime Museum (NL): Roman Ships of Zwammerdam to be exhibited for all
Including communities in site management
Moderators: Menno Welling and Cees van Rooijen
Nizar Al Adarbeh; Jehad Haron
New tools for World Heritage Sites Monitoring: A model from the Wadi Rum Protected Area in Jordan
Claudia Uribe Chinen
Between authorized and people-centered heritage management: Evaluating the heritage social use model in the ‘Comprehensive Projects’ of the Qhapaq Ñan in Peru
Supitcha Sutthanonkul,  Gabriel Caballero, John A. Peterson
Changing Visions of World Heritage: Charting the Philippines Tentative List for Revision
Camila Castillo Fuentes; José Barraza; Jannina Capos; Iván As; Bernardo Arriaza
It was a difficult year to be a mummy. Chinchorro cultural heritage management during the Covid-19 pandemic in northern Chile
25 June 13.00-15.00 (CET) 
Annual Business Meeting
2021 International scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM)
Facilitated by ICOMOS Paris (Zoom meeting)