2021 ICAHM Annual Meeting- Organizing Committee

Monique van de Dries – Leiden University
Monique van den Dries is associate professor at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden  University (Netherlands) and is specialised in heritage studies and archaeological heritage management. She is an archaeologist who worked for fifteen years at cultural heritage institutions (e.g. Dutch Heritage Agency and Heritage Inspectorate) before she returned to academia. She teaches (international) BA and MA courses and supervises PhD-studies in cultural heritage. Her research focuses on the various aspects of ‘Public Archaeology’ and relates to impacts of (international) cultural heritage policies in terms of social inclusion, empowerment and sustainability. She participated in several EU-funded projects: Archaeology in Contemporary Europe (Culture Programme 2007-2013); Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe 2012-2014 (Lifelong-learning Program); Heritage Values  (JPI Cultural Heritage and Global Change); NEARCH: New scenarios for a community involved archaeology (Culture Programme 2007-2013). Currently she represents the Netherlands in an Erasmus+ project (EU-CUL) that focuses on social responsibility in higher education and to what degree it utilizes or is grounded in cultural heritage. She was vice-president of the European Association of Archaeologists (2009-2015) and currently serves several editorial (advisory) boards (e.g. Journal of Community Archaeology and Heritage). 

Mara de GrootCentre for Global Heritage and Development
Mara studied Archaeology in Amsterdam (VU, 1996-2001) and Melbourne (University of Melbourne, 2000). After finishing her Masters she worked as a guide in Italy, focusing on (pre)Roman heritage. After traveling 6 months through South America Mara started working for the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) as an Archaeological Information Specialist (Archis, 2005). She also did a traineeship at the Centre for International Heritage Activities (CIE, 2008), researching the state of affairs of archaeological heritage management in the Dutch Caribbean.

From 2009 Mara got the opportunity to work for the Shared Heritage program of the Nationaal Archief and the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency. In the case of the Netherlands Shared Heritage refers to the era of the Dutch East and West India Company and to colonialism, migration, trade and conflict in Asia, Africa, and the America’s. Aims of the Shared Cultural Heritage policy are to stimulate preservation through development, capacity building, improving access to heritage and enhancing international cultural cooperation.

From 2014 Mara is working for the Centre for Global Heritage and Development, a cooperation between Leiden University, Delft Technical University and Erasmus University Rotterdam. The Centre stimulates multidisciplinary and innovative heritage research and education and is active in consultancy and training.

Cees van Rooijen – Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands

Menno Welling – Reinwardt Academy
Menno Welling is programme manager of the international Master Applied Museum and Heritage Studies at the Reinwardt Academy, Amsterdam University of the Arts. This new master is geared towards the study and design of interventions in the heritage sector in response to societal needs. Before joining Reinwardt Academy Menno resided in Malawi where he acted as independent archaeologist and heritage consultant, and held various positions at the Catholic University of Malawi. In addition, through Mlambe Foundation, Menno played a key role in the establishment of Tisunge! Lower Shire Heritage Centre, in southernmost Malawi.  Menno holds degrees in archaeology and cultural anthropology from the Leiden University.

Annemarie Willems – Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands
From2015 until 2019 Annemarie was the executive director for  Friends of ICAHM, an organisation that has had been created to support the mission of ICAHM through the dissemination of information concerning world heritage. Friends of ICAHM was dissolved in 2019.

Annemarie Willems holds a MA in Cultural Heritage from the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. She works as a specialist cultural heritage & participation at the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, within the Faro program.

Since 2017 Annemarie is a PhD candidate at Helsinki University, her research is focussed on Heritage Management Education (HME).

Since 2016 Annemarie Willems has her own consultancy practice in heritage management, AW Heritage Consultancy.