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02.28.12 - Message from ICOMOS Greece about Vandalism of Historic Structures. Click to view this message.

12.12.11 - ICAHM Co-Presidents send an open letter of concern to the government of Hungary ICAHM views with the greatest alarm the proposed changes to Hungarian legislation... Click to download this complete message.

10.07.2011 - ICAHM Autumn 2011 Newsletter

09.06.2011 - ICAHM Participation in Oxford University Meeting on International Heritage

06.02.2011 - Announcing the 2011 ICOMOS General Assembly and Scientific Symposium, November 27 to December 2, 2011 in Paris, France

04.12.2011 - 2010 ICAHM Annual Report

04.05.2011 - World Heritage Congressional resolution establishing World Heritage Day

03.21.2011 - Click here for the latest edition of the ICAHM Newsletter.

03.14.2011 - Douglas Comer testifies at hearing on Bru na Boinne World Heritage Site, Ireland.

03.11.2011 - ICAHM is pleased to announce the launch of its new publication series, Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Archaeological Heritage Management, published by Springer Publishers, NY. Click here for more information.

03.07.2011 - ICAHM seeks contributions for the ICAHM Symposium at the 17th ICOMOS General Assembly and Scientific Symposium in Paris, France, 27 November to 2 December 2011. The symposium papers will be published in a future edition of Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Archaeological Heritage Management.

The topic is "The Archaeology of Interdependence: European Involvement in the Development of a Sovereign United States." See below for details about submitting an abstract for consideration. A PDF call for papers is also attached; please feel free to send this to other interested colleagues. Submit abstracts to publications@
For further information or questions, contact Helaine Silverman at

02.04.11 - A Message to ICAHM Members and Friends Regarding the Preservation of Sites and Antiquities in Egypt During This Time of Change ICAHM requests that members and friends of ICAHM relay our support to fellow archaeologists and preservationists in Egypt. We congratulate our Egyptian colleagues and all of the people in that proud country for the steps they have taken to safeguard their irreplaceable cultural treasures. We look forward to communicating with them directly as soon as possible, and hope that we can be of service to them in ways that they might suggest, now or in the future. Correspondence to ICAHM regarding this can be emailed to
Click to download this message in PDF format.

11.30.2010 - Ian Lilley, ICAHM's Secretary-General, awarded Leverhulme Visiting Professorship at the University of Oxford

11.17.2010 - Click for the ICAHM Autumn Newsletter.

09.27.2010 - November 1-7, 2010 - University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar, Senegal - ICAHM Sponsored Session and ICAHM Annual Meeting. To be held at the Panafrican Association/ Joint Society of Africanist Archaeologists Conference. Click for more info.

07.31.2010 - Click here to review the Draft Guidelines for the Charter for the Protection and Management of the Archaeological Heritage.

07.29.2010 - Click here for the July edition of the ICAHM Newsletter.

05.25.2010 - Douglas Comer and Gustavo Araoz, President of ICOMOS, interviewed for Newsweek article, Crumbling Wonders.

05.19.2010 - Agenda - ICAHM Lunch Meeting at US/ICOMOS Conference, Smith and Wollensky Steakhouse, 1112-19th Street NW, 1:00 p.m., Saturday, 22 May 2010

04.09.2010 - The Spring issue of American Archaeology Magazine contains an article that describes some of the archaeological research that Doug Comer is conducting with the use of satellite and aerial remote sensing technology. This work will also be addressed in a symposium at the 2010 Society for American Archaeology Conference that is jointly sponsored by NASA and ICAHM. To read the article, click here.

04.09.2010 - ICAHM requests input from its members for the World Heritage nomination of Poverty Point State Historic Site, Louisiana, U.S.A. Click here for details.

04.05.2010 - ICAHM is a co-sponsor with NASA for a symposium at the 2010 Society for American Archaeology Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, April 14-18, 2010, entitled, "The Archaeology of Perspective." The ten papers in the symposium will examine how perspective, or viewshed, has worked in cultures from many different places and times to convey, replicate, and sometimes alter the social order, setting in place norms, customs, traditions, and, ultimately, institutions. Most of the research reported on here has involved the use of digital elevation models (DEMs) obtained from NASA satellites and aircraft, which provide the basis for modelling the surface of the earth, as well as radar and multispectral images that provide information about environmental setting and the locations of related archaeological sites and features. All of the archaeological sites and landscapes with which these papers will deal can be considered monumental in nature.

04.05.2010 - Aerial Archaeology World Heritage. The role of aerial archaeology in the nominating and monitoring process of archaeological World Heritage Sites has been accepted by the organizing committee of the 16th EAA Annual Meeting. It will be held in The Hague, Netherlands, September 1-5, 2010. Visit the Official Meeting Website at

03.12.2010 - ICAHM is pleased to be a sponsor of Seventh International Conference on Science and Technology in Archaeology and Conservation. Visit the web site for details.

03.05.2010 - Document: ICAHM Assistance to Haiti

01.29.2010 - Read Doug Comer's article "The Unique Roles of ICOMOS and ICAHM In The World Preservation Community" (pg. 34) recently published in the January 2010 issue of the SAA Archaeological Record.

01.17.2010 - ICAHM Condemns Proposed Sale of Possible Native American Human Remains by Christie's - The ICOMOS Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM) condemns the proposed auction of unidentified human remains by Christie's auction house, which is scheduled to occur on January 22, 2010 (lot 157 / sale 2287). Because these human remains were in the possession of the Yale Skull and Bones Society, there is a distinct possibility that they are those of a Native American. Native American remains looted by undergraduate members of that society are reputed to include those of Geronimo.

ICAHM is aware of the sincere and profound religious significance attached to human remains by the Native American community and many other cultural groups, and is appalled at the absence of sensitivity to these beliefs demonstrated by Christie's. The human skull that is among the items to be auctioned was previously cut to serve as a ballot box; Christie's has further disregarded the dignity of human remains by offering this human skull and bones for auction. ICAHM calls for the evaluation of the human osteological remains by a qualified physical anthropologist. If they are indeed found to be those of a Native American, then Christie's should comply with the federal Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act. If they are found to be those of an individual associated with a federally recognized Native American group, they should be repatriated.

ICAHM asks that its members urge Christie's to halt the auction of the remains until their cultural origin can be determined and to alert colleagues to this proposed sale. We also ask that members monitor future auctions by Christie's and other companies that sell items that are significant to particular cultural groups and to our common human heritage. Link to the auction information at Christie's.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Douglas C. Comer, Co-President (United States) Mobile: 202-345-6030 Email: or Willem J.H. Willems, Co-President (the Netherlands) Telephone: +31-71-5272045 Email:

ICAHM Media Release  |  SAA Letter to Christie's  |  NYC Auction House Response


01.05.2010 - Menno Welling, ICAHM vice-president for sub-Saharan Africa and dean at the Catholic University of Malawi, has received one of the prestigious TMV (Television Malawi) Awards for his work in heritage management. The theme was "Our People Our Pride", and the award was presented by President Bingu wa Mutharika during a gala night on 30 December. The prize was awarded for his work as director of the Mlambe Foundation and as Chair of the Lower Shire Heritage Trust in Malawi for the construction of the Tisunge! Lower Shire Heritage Centre. Tisunge! ('let us preserve') has reintroduced the centuries old art of weaving and is currently preparing an exhibition of local cultural history and archaeology that incorporates the results of Professor Welling's research.

Image of Menno Welling

10.21.2009 - Doug Comer's presentation from the ICAHM 2009 Annual Meeting in Malta is now available on the web site. Go to the Presentations page to view.