Ian Lilley


Ian Lilley is Professor of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies at the University of Queensland. He has worked in Australasian and Indo-Pacific archaeology and cultural heritage for 30 years. He has participated in major international projects in tropical Australia and Melanesia and undertaken his own research in Papua New Guinea and Australia. He currently does fieldwork with French colleagues in New Caledonia.

In addition to being ICAHM’s Secretary-General, he is Secretary-General of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association, the region’s peak professional body. He is also a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London. He has been Secretary of the World Archaeological Congress, and President of the Australian Archaeological Association. His interests include migration and trade, social identity, archaeological ethics, and the role of archaeology and cultural heritage in contemporary society. His most recent book is Archaeology of Oceania: Australia and the Pacific Islands (Blackwell 2006). He is now co-writing two volumes in French on New Caledonia with his colleagues Christophe Sand and Frédérique Valentin, and is contracted to Cambridge University Press to co-author a popular book on Australian archaeology.

Email: ian.lilley@icahm.icomos.org