Anne Jensen

Chair, Social Media Subcommittee

Anne Jensen has 33 years experience in archaeology and anthropology in Alaska, the Eastern United States, and Northern Europe, including ethnographic research and archeological site surveys, mitigation, testing, and research at sites throughout Alaska, where she served as Principal Investigator at Pingusugruk, Ukkuqsi, Ipiutaq and Nuvuk on the North Slope.

Dr. Jensen is currently General Manager and Senior Scientist for UIC Science LLC, where she is responsible for cultural resources issues on Ukpeaġvik Inupiat Corporation (an Alaska Native corporation) lands, as well as an active cultural resource consulting practice whose clients include the North Slope Borough Commission on Inupiat History, Language and Culture, the Native Village of Barrow and others. She is currently the PI on the Nuvuk Archaeological Project, which is carrying out an excavation of a rapidly eroding major Thule cemetery and Ipiutak settlement at Point Barrow, Alaska.

Dr. Jensen has excavated or evaluated numerous coastal sites in Alaska and elsewhere and written dozens of professional reports. She has published on Thule, resource use and zooarchaeology. Her current research focuses on human adaptation in Arctic and subarctic environments, paleoeconomy and paleoenvironments and Thule and Ipiutak.