Cynthia Dunning – Thierstein

Archaeologist / Director, ArchaeoConcept

Cynthia Dunning is director of ArchaeoConcept Sàrl in Biel-Bienne Switzerland, where she is also responsible for archaeological projects and funding.

After having graduated from the University of Geneva and started her PhD on Early Iron Age in Western Switzerland in Marburg, Germany, she became director of the Museum Schwab in Biel-Bienne, where she organised yearly exhibitions ranging from Archaeology and Architecture to Early Bronze Age in the Alps or Private Pile-Dwelling Collections in Switzerland. Then she directed the Cantonal Archaeology Department of the Canton of Bern for more than ten years. During that time she concentrated her interests on finishing her thesis and on research on management in archaeological institutions.

She developed her network amongst European colleagues through the Europae Archaeologiae Concilium, the European Association of Archaeologists as well as through the French Association for Iron Age Studies. Her recent consulting work allows her to help develop archaeological as well as museum projects in Switzerland, Europe and further abroad.