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Chairperson - Brian Egloff (Australia)
Immediate Past Chairperson - Senake Bandaranayake (Sri Lanka)
Secretary - Ellen Lee (Canada)
Vice Chairperson Willem Willems (Netherlands)
Vice Chairperson position vacant upon resignation of Hester Davis

ICAHM meeting in 2002
Following on from the ICAHM regional meeting at Alice Springs, Australia in conjunction with the Australian ICOMOS conference 'Making Tracks', in May of 2001, it was decided that the next meeting of ICAHM would be in conjunction with the 13th General Assembly in Zimbabwe in October 2003. It is now planned to have a meeting associated with the General Assembly in Madrid. The time of that meeting cannot be set until the schedule of speakers is published.

Preparations for 13th General Assembly in Zimbabwe
Actions were taken for ICAHM to have a presence at the General Assembly in Zimbabwe. Correspondence between ICROM and ICAHM was leading to participation by ICAHM in the Africa 2009 workshop to be held in conjunction with the General Assembly. This initiative was not pursued when ICOMOS shifted the General Assembly to a venue other than that of Zimbabwe. Travel funds were sought for 3rd World members to attend without success from the Wenner-Gren Foundation.

New members of ICAHM
Confirmation of the appointment to ICAHM of the following individuals has been received:

The President of France ICOMOS, Benjamin Mouton, has confirmed in writing the appointment of Monsieur Jean Luc-Massy as the member to ICAHM.

The President of Belgium ICOMOS, Miek Goosens, has confirmed in writing the nomination of Mr. Dirk Callebaut as the member to ICAHM.

Contact with National Committees
Dr Akbar Zargar, president of Iran ICOMOS, has made contact with ICOMOS. Brian Egloff took the opportunity to write to Dr Zargar asking that the Iran National Committee nominate a member to ICAHM.

Ename Center for Public Archaeology
It is noted that Mr. Dirk Callebaut the ICAHM member from Belgium is part of this new center and will be able to keep ICAHM up to date on its activities as well as search for joint ventures. As the nearest member of the executive, Wilhelm Wilhelms, will keep in touch with Ename.

Associate Membership of ICAHM
A relatively long list of proposed Associated Members has been received from USA ICOMOS. ICAHM is reluctant to accept such a large body of Associate Members for two reasons. Firstly, communicating with a body of Associate Members that outnumbers the actual members will be cumbersome. Secondly, there is concern that the Associate Members might represent themselves or be represented by others as having the status of Members of ICAHM.

Heritage at Risk
Marilyn Truscott, Associate member of ICAHM, worked with Jane Harrington and others on the preparation of 'Heritage at Risk: ICOMOS World Report 2001/2002 on monuments and sites in danger'. A brief report on behalf of ICAHM was prepared by Marilyn Truscott with input from Brian Egloff and incorporated into that volume (refer to pages 220 to 227). An appeal from the ICAHM executive to the members for material to incorporate into the subsequent volume received no response and both Truscott and Egloff were too busy to undertake the task.

ICOMOS Advisory Committee Meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia 16 to 19 October 2001
Marilyn Truscott was appointed to represent ICAHM at the ICOMOS Advisory Committee Meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia from 16 to 19 October 2001 as none of the Executive were free to attend. Ms Truscott presented the annual report of ICAHM including the deliberations of ICAHM at Alice Springs in May of 2001. Considerable discussion focussed upon the following ICAHM motion:

'that the Committee will take no position on specific site/state issues but will respond in the case of broad issues relating to standards (such as the ICAHM Charter) and to the general strategic issues related to archaeological heritage management'

It may be worthwhile discussing this issue further at the General Assembly meeting of ICAHM and clarifying the ICAHM position with specific exemplars as well as develop a response process.

Guidelines for archaeological heritage management abroad
Tom Wheaton raised the matter of the Society for American Archaeology wishing to become more active internationally. Dr Wheaton's concern is that SAA does not seem to have an established set of protocols or guidelines for undertaking activities abroad in an ethical fashion. It is suggested that ICAHM could be active in this area.

Awareness Survey
A survey was conducted of all members of ICAHM to determine the awareness of, and the effectiveness of, the ICOMOS Charter to the Protection and Management of Archaeological Heritage. The mail-out included an up-date from the Chairperson, minutes of the meeting in Alice Springs and the survey form. The results of that survey will be presented by the Chairperson at the ICHAM meeting to be held in conjunction with the General Assembly in Madrid.

Israel Meeting on World heritage Archaeological Site Management Guidelines, 2 to 9 February 2002
Kevin Jones, of New Zealand ICAHM, represented ICAHM at the meeting on World Heritage Archaeological Site Management Guidelines held in Israel. He has presented a full and detailed account to ICAHM that will be tabled at the ICAHM meeting to be held in conjunction with the 13th General Assembly in Madrid.

World Archaeological Conference, Washington D.C 21 to 26 June 2003
The World Archaeological Congress will be having its fifth meeting in Washington from 21 to 26 June. The theme of the conference is 'Of the Past, for the Future: Integrating Archaeology and Conservation'. Brian Egloff will be assisting the Getty to develop a sub-theme 'Staking a Claim: national monuments'.. This may be an opportunity for ICAHM to play a key role and perhaps derive a product.

USA ICOMOS meeting in Santa Fe was attended by Ellen Lee, Secretary of ICAHM, who will provide ICAHM with an update at the Madrid meeting.

Correspondence on the Dampier Rock Art, Western Australia
The ICAHM Executive, after receiving several opinions on this matter, addressed a letter to the Premier of the State of Western Australia expressing their concern with the development planned for the Dampier Peninsula in the light of the Dampier Peninsula having one of the most extensive collections of world renown rock art. The letter expressed the need for appropriate heritage planning to take place before any development was planned.

Matters for discussion by ICAHM at its meeting at the General Assembly in Madrid

The need for elections for the executive ICAHM should be discussed and resolved at the Madrid meeting.
The venue for forthcoming ICAHM regional meetings will need to be discussed at the Madrid meeting.

Brian Egloff, Chairperson and Ellen Lee, Secretary
25 October 2002



12th General Assembly, Mexico

The distributed nature of the archaeological component of the 12th General Assembly having sessions in Mexico City, Morelia, Guadalajara and Guanajuato made it difficult for the members of ICAHM to convene an inclusive meeting. However, with the assistance of Roland DeSilva and Henry Cleere three meetings were held; on the 16th, 17th of October, 1999, in Mexico City and on the 22nd of October at the close of the Assembly in Guadalajara. The following voting members were present during the one or more of the meetings: Willem Willems (Netherlands), Brian Egloff (Australia), Julia Costello for Hester Davis (USA), Ellen Lee (Canada) and Gamini Wijesuriya for Senake Bandaranayake (Sri Lanka). Others Present at the meetings were Roland Silva (Sri Lanka) Henry Cleere (ICOMOS World Heritage Committee), Giora Solar (Getty Institute), Patricia Fumero and Carlos Mesen (Costa Rica ) and S.U. Deraniyagala (Sri Lanka).

It was decided that the ICAHM Secretariat was to be moved from Sri Lanka to Australia. The following Executive officers were elected for 3-year terms:

Chairperson -Brian Egloff (Australia)
Immediate Past Chairperson-Senake Bandaranayake (Sri Lanka)
Secretary - Ellen Lee (Canada)
Vice ChairpersonWillem Willems (Netherlands)
Vice ChairpersonHester Davis

Agreement was reached on the ICAHM objectives for the next triennium of 2000-2003. In keeping with the Egar Principles for International Scientific Committees, ICAHM identified the following set of objectives for the coming three year period: 2000-2003. Objectives were assigned first or second priority; responsibilities for first priority were assigned to Executive Committee members.

First Priority

1. Committee of Experts.

A committee of experts chaired by Colin Renfrew will review UNESCO 1956 Dehli Recommendations as well as address other international archaeological considerations as suggested by the ICAHM members at WAC 4. Senake Bandaranayake (Sri Lanka) will continue as ICAHM Executive Committee coordinator for this project. The membership of the Committee of Experts (previously established) is:

Professor Colin Renfrew, Chairperson
Professor Anrea Carandini (Italy)
Dr. Kathleen Deagan (USA)
Mr. Paul Mupira (Zimbabwe)
Dr. Masanori Aoyagi (Japan)
Dr. Brian Egloff (Australia)
Professor Senake Bandaranayake (Sri Lanka), ICAHM Coordinator

The Executive Committee endorses the actions taken to date by the Committee of Experts, encourages ICAHM to proceed, and offers whatever help it can as a support organization.

2. Regional Networks.

Establishment of world regional networks for ICAHM members is to be undertaken. Each region will be coordinated by a member for recruitment, news, conferences, information, etc. Willem Willems (Netherlands) will be the Executive Committee coordinator. The following regions and regional coordinators are suggested:

Europe: EAA (European Association of Archaeologists) Willem Willems (Netherlands)

Latin America: Nellie Robles (Mexico)

Mediterranean: Girori Solar

Indo-Pacific: Brian Egloff (Australia)

North America: Ellen Lee, Julia Costello, and Hester Davis.

3. Web Site

An ICAHM web site will be established where relevant news and information can be posted. It will be linked to the existing web site of Australia/ICOMOS. Executive Committee coordinator is Brian Egloff (Australia).

4. Comparative Studies for World Heritage Committee.

Executive committee will write to Henry Cleere and ask him to prepare a paper on Comparative studies.

5. ICAHM Directory. The ICAHM Directory will be updated and republished. Executive Committee coordinator is Ellen Lee (Canada).

6. ICAHM Meeting Schedule. A draft schedule for annual meetings of ICAHM was established; the meetings will take place each year in a different region.

2000 Europe (Willems), European Archaeological Association, Lisbon, Portugal (September)
2001 Indo Pacific (Brian Egloff), location to be determined
2002 Africa, General Assembly ICOMOS, Harare, Zimbabwe
2003 Latin America, World Archaeology Congress (WAC 5), Sao Paulo, Brazil
2004 South Asia or S/E Mediterranean, location to be determined

Second Priority

7. Enlarge ICAHM Committee Membership.

This will involve defining a list of people who have expressed an interest by responding to the letters previously sent to the National Committees, and the list of people who attended the ICAHM session at WAC 4 in Cape Town, January 1999.

8. Links to other ICOMOS Committees

Identify overlapping interests between ICAHM and other ICOMOS Committees and establish communication links with them.

9. Translate ICOMOS charter into other languages.

10. Document history of ICAHM.

ICAHM Resolution in Support of Archaeological Resources in Costa Rica, passed by the ICOMOS Assembly 22 October 1999, Guadalajara, Mexico. 12th General Assembly of ICOMOS Resolutions Committee Report:

In relation to the concerns expressed relative to the heritage of certain regions the General Assembly resolution 21 asks the Executive Committee . . . to request from the National Committee of Costa Rica an explanation of the content of the presidential decree number 28174 MP-C-MINAE-MEIC, issued October 13, 1999, which will put Costa Rica in an unenviable position as a nation which does not care for its ancient cultural heritage, threatening the future of archaeological heritage in Costa Rica, as it puts the benefit of private developers before the right and obligation of the Costa Rican people for the knowledge, protection and enjoyment of the ancient cultural heritage of their country.

From minutes prepared by Ellen Lee (ICAHM Secretary)