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To submit an abstract: September 15, 2012

Para presentar resumen: 15 Setiembre 2012

To register for conference: October 15, 2012

Para matricularse para reunión: 15 octubre 2012

Registration Fees

Tasa de Matrícula

Foreign participants from developed countries: $250

Participantes extranjeros de países desarrollados: $250

Foreign participants from developing countries: $125

Participantes extranjeros de países en desarrollo: $125

Peruvian participants: $75

Participantes peruanos: $75

Cuzqueno participants: $25

Participantes cuzqueños: $25

Students from developed countries
Estudiantes de países desarrollados
$75 - with photocopy of university ID

Students from developing countries
Estudiantes de países en desarrollo
$50 - con fotocopia de tarjeta universitaria

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Download our Cuzco Conference flyer! Find out what to see and do, where to stay, and learn about Cuzco, Macchu Pichu, and the Sacred Valley!


2012 marks the 40th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention. This is an appropriate moment in which to reflect on that Convention. Hence, the theme of ICAHM’s annual meeting this year.

ICAHM has chosen Cuzco, Peru as the location of its 2012 annual meeting because the historic district of Cuzco is a World Heritage site of truly "outstanding universal value," and the gateway to another of the world's most important archaeological sites, Machu Picchu, also on the World Heritage List. But this meeting does not deal specifically with Cuzco or Peru. This is an international meeting in focus and participation, as are all of ICAHM’s annual meetings.

Among the worldwide issues for consideration at this meeting are local stakeholder claims on archaeological heritage; sustainable development and community sustainability; tourism pressures and site preservation; heritage and rights; challenges to the validity and value of the World Heritage List as it quickly approaches 1,000 inscribed sites; the World Heritage List decision-making process; impacts of war, civil disorder, and natural disasters on archaeological sites; technical advances in archaeological heritage management, etc. ICAHM’s Paper Selection Committee (fully independent of the Organizers) will choose the talks to be presented, seeking a balance in geographical and thematic coverage. Proposals to speak about disputes already resolved or having received extended treatment will not be accepted. Rather, ICAHM seeks fresh perspectives on emergent problems of interest to the worldwide public attending this annual meeting and representing the global range of countries. ICAHM will publish selected papers from this annual meeting in its publication series with Springer Press, "Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Archaeological Heritage Management."

Cuzqueño and Peruvian scholars whose papers cannot be accommodated due to topical and time constraints and who wish to engage with each other in more depth will have access to a fully equipped meeting space in the nearby Centro Tinku. Please coordinate these special sessions with Dr. Jean-Jacques Decoster (, Director of Centro Tinku ( These special sessions will be listed on ICAHM’s final program for the annual meeting in print and on the website.

ICAHM sincerely and warmly thanks Mayor Econ. Luis Arturo Florez García and the Municipality of Cuzco for hosting this important meeting in its magnificent convention venue and in its glorious city. ICAHM renders homage to the venerable Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad del Cuzco, founded in 1692, and its Rector, Dr. Germán Zecenarro Madueño, by making UNSAAC an honorary sponsor of this meeting.

Please note a related meeting ("Best Practices in World Heritage: Archaeology") preceding ICAHM’s annual meeting, which is taking place on the island of Menorca, Spain, sponsored by Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the local government 9-13 April. Click on "Menorca Conference" in the left-hand menu bar for information.

Final Conference Program
El Programa Final Del Congreso