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Pre Conference Tour
Post-conference Tour: Easter Island
Post-conference Tour: Tiwanaku, La Paz, Bolivia

Pre Conference Tour: Torres Paine and Punta Arenas, Patagonia

Cancelled because of too few bookings

The region of Magallanes, located in Patagonia, offers one of the most wonderful landscapes. Torres del Paine National Park, recently voted as the 8th World Wonder. Within the park is Mylodon Cave, one of the earliest sites containing Pleistocene fauna associated to archaeological remains. This site is also related to other Caves such as Fell’s and Palli Aike, the very first evidence of early man in the southern tip, reported earlier by mid 20th century by Junius Bird. A good reference is Bird Travels and Archaeology in South Chile, 1988 University of Iowa Press. Punta Arenas is the world’s southernmost city, located on the Magellan Strait.

When 23 – 27 November


1 person, single room 1680 USD
1 person, double room 1730 USD
2 persons, sharing a double room 1790 USD
Min. Number participants 10
Max. Number participants 15
Booking deadline 1 July
Contact Ximena B. Gomez- Rivera – myxrivera (@)

To book this tour please fill out this booking form and send it to: myxrivera (@)


23 November: Leaving Santiago at 10:44 to Puerto Natales, LATAM Airlines, arriving in Puerto Natales at 13:57.
City tour and visit to Municipal Museum

24 November: 8:00 AM, leaving for Torres Paine, Mylodon Cave, return to Hotel at 19:30

08:00-08:30 Leaving Puerto Natales
09:30 Stop in Cerro Castillo
11.00 Look out Lago Sarmiento
11.30 Laguna Amarga, entrance to the Park
13.00 Salto Grande
14.00 Lake Pehoe, panoramic view
14.30 Lake Grey (lunch on your own)
15.30 Lake Grey, walk by the beach
18.00 Mylodon Cave
19.30 Arrival in Puerto Natales

 25 November: Leaving Puerto Natales at 8:30 to Punta Arenas Bus Station, arriving in Punta Arenas at Midday. Fernandez bus line.
City tour in the afternoon, Salesian Museum Maggiorino. Possible visit, depending on weather, to Magdalen Island and colony of penguins.

26 November: Punta Arenas, 9:30 Visit to the Regional  Museum, Museo del Recuerdo (University Magallanes), Natural History Museum in Rio Seco.,Naos Magallanes; Return to Hotel at 19:00

27 November: Leaving Punta Arenas at 08:40 to Santiago, arriving at 13:11 via LATAM Airlines.

Included in the tour
Air tickets (LATAM Airlines), lodging and breakfast, local tours both in Puerto Natales and in Punta Arenas. Admission to Museums and Sites, transfers from airport in Puerto Natales and in Punta Arenas, bus travel from Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas.

NOT included in the tour:
Meals, Beverages, Tips.

You should bring warm jacket, weather in Patagonia is rather cold and windy. Deadline for booking July 1st, 2019. November through April is high season and gets difficult to book hotels.

Post-conference Tour: Easter Island

Information is subject to change!

When 7 – 11 December
1 person, single room 1790 USD
2 persons, sharing a double room 1690 USD
Min. Number participants 8
Max. Number participants 15
Booking deadline 1 September
Contact Mrs. Teri Priebe – priebe.teri (@)

To book this tour please fill out this booking form and send it to: priebe.teri (@)

Due to the limited flight availability we urge you to book this tour AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!


7 December
9:30 AM flight from Arica to Santiago; arriving in Santiago at 12:00 PM.
In the afternoon you will go on a city tour of Santiago and enjoy the several highlights this beautiful city has to offer.

8 December
In the morning we will fly from Santiago to Easter Island.

After you’ve settled into your hotel you will go on a Historic Pathways tour with stops at several significant sites of interest, including the Head to Puna Pau, Ahu Tahira in Vinapu, the giant cauldron of Rano Kau, and the ceremonial village of Orongo. You will finish the day with a visit to Ahu Akivi, the renowned seven inland moai that stand gazing oceanwards, and explore the large and unique cave system of Ana Te Pahu.

9 December
Today we will visit the famous Moai Statues, as well as the Anthropological Easter Island Museum and the Mana Gallery.

We start this morning by visiting the ahu platforms at Tahai, where the clear morning light brings alive the moai that look over this restored ancestral village of the Rapanui people. Visit the ruins of the fallen moai at Ahu Akahanga, where three platforms sit untouched since the Rapanui turned on the traditions of their ancestors and began toppling the moai. Stand in awe at the restored site of Ahu Tongariki, where fifteen stone giants stand watch over the land as silent sentinels, dwarfing all who come into their presence.

After a picnic lunch in the afternoon we’ll be absorbing the grandeur of the moai that sit half emerged from the soil Rano Raraku, the volcano crater that acted as a stone quarry and birthplace for these immense figures. Visit Ahu Te Pito Kura, the site of the largest moai to ever stand on an ahu, and see the legendary magnetic stone that according to island history, was brought to Easter Island from the original Polynesian homeland of Hiva by the first king, Hotu Matuʻa. Finish the day taking in the coconut palms, turquoise water and white sand at Anakena Beach.

10 December
Today we will explore the largely untouched North Coast, one of the treasures of Easter Island that only the most adventurous ever get to experience. As there are no roads to this part of the island, it is accessible only by foot or on horseback. Gaze upon the ruins of dozens of ahu and fallen moai that pepper this coastline and visit the various other sites of interest that hide among the rocks and lava flows. Absorb the quiet and isolated atmosphere at the seaside oasis of Hanga o Teo before being rewarded with a view of the coconut grove, turquoise water and white sands of Anakena Beach.

11 December
Witness Easter Island’s most amazing sunrise as the sun silhouettes the gigantic 15 moai of Ahu Tongariki. (The tour starts an hour before sunrise and ends early enough to have you back in time for breakfast at your hotel).

After breakfast we will depart for the airport for our return flight to Santiago.

Included in the tour fee:

  • One way flight from Arica to Santiago
  • Airport transfers on 7, 8 and 11 December
  • 1 hotel night in Santiago
  • 3 nights Hotel Easter Island
  • All excursions as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Daily Breakfast, 1 Lunch

Not Included:

  • Roundtrip flights Santiago – Easter Island
  • Meals (except breakfast)
  • Tips
  • Travel insurance

Post-conference Tour: Tiwanaku, La Paz, Bolivia

Cancelled because of too few bookings

When 7 – 11 December
1 person, single room 1280 USD
1 person, double room 1320 USD
2 persons, sharing a double room 2440 USD
Min. Number participants 10
Max. Number participants 15
Booking deadline 15 July
Contact Mario A. Rivera – myxrivera (@)

To book this tour please fill out this booking form and send it to: myxrivera (@)

Tentative Itinerary:

Dec. 7: 9:30 AM Leaving Arica to Iquique by bus; arriving in Iquique at approximately  1:30 PM .Staying at Hotel either Gran Cavancha or NH. Dinner on your own.

Dec. 8: Breakfast at hotel. Leaving to Airport at 11:00 AM; Departing Iquique airporto to La Paz at 1:45 PM (Amaszonas Airlines), Arriving in El Alto (La Paz airport) at 2:45 PM; transfer to Hotel in La Paz city. Dinner on your own.

Dec. 9: Breakfast at hotel. City tour, leaving at 9:30 AM visiting Museum of archaeology, National Museum of Ethnography and Folklore, Cathedral, Government Palace, Murillo Square, Killi Killi lookout with a scenic view of the city, completing the tour visiting the local marketplaces and the witchcraft market. Dinner on your own

Dec. 10: Breakfast at hotel. 8:00 AM Leaving to Tiwanaku, visiting diverse sites such as the Akapana, the Semi Subterranean temple, Puma Punku, the Tiwanaku Museum, and the town itself. Return to Hotel at 6:30 PM. Dinner on your own

Dec. 11: Breakfast at hotel, leaving for airport at 6:30 AM. Leaving La Paz at 9:30 AM arriving in Santiago at 1:30 PM. End of services. People can connect to their international flights back home, usually leaving Santiago’s airport on the evening.

Included in the tour fee:

  • Transfer from Arica to Iquique
  • Air Ticket Iquique-La Paz
  • Hotel night in Iquique
  • Transfer Iquique hotel-Airport
  • Transfer Airport La Paz to hotel
  • 3 nights Hotel La Paz w/breakfast

Not Included:

  • Air ticket back to Iquique (Additional of US$ 500)
  • Air ticket La Paz Santiago (Additional of US$ 360)
  • Meals and beverages
  • Tips